With our roots in hedge funds since 1999, we are a team of low latency, arbitrage strategy specialists.

We have created a clearly defined set of low risk, fundamentally based, arbitrage strategies to form a diversified market neutral portfolio delivering consistent returns. Strategies are mean reverting trades for related stocks pairs and returns are achieved by consistently capturing small movements utilizing leverage.

All strategies are fully hedged immediately and stop losses are implemented on strategies that are not

The key to performance is:

  • the low failure rate of the trades, due to the underlying fundamental relationship of the stocks,
  • a dynamic approach of widening entry levels as positions are grown,
  • scaling positions sizes for volatility relative to potential stop loss
  • and increasing the required hurdle return as capital is utilized and as market risk increases.

All of this is only achievable due to our proprietary software, which fully integrates the monitoring of strategies, fast trade execution, portfolio management and risk control on a dynamic basis, with minimal human intervention.